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November Story Download

 November Story Download

                Download November Story Hindi Series All Episodes. This web series is Hotstar one of the special Web Series and is available in 480p and 720p.


November Story Download Full Story

                Almost three narrative threads are using November tale. within the first one, we see the lifestyle tale of a child raised by a nun who grows into a boy interested in surgical treatment and later, a person compelled to give up his dream. inside the second one, three children plot the abduction of a mentally challenged young girl (Namita Krishnamurthy) with the help of her maid. The 1/3 one, which takes up the bulk of the display's time, revolves around Anuradha (Tamannaah), a pc expert, and her struggle with selling a house that belongs to her father, Ganesan (GM Kumar), a criminal offense author with a second degree of Alzheimer's. 

                One night, Ganesan offers his caretaker the slip and goes lacking. And Anu finds him in the residence that she desires to promote, with a lifeless girl by way of his facet. She tries to cowl up her father's involvement in the homicide, but with a cop, Sudalai (Aruldoss) getting suspicious, Anu must track down the actual killer earlier than time runs out for her father. the whole lot hinges on the date of the crime - November sixteen - which also appears to behave a non-public connection, going returned to a bus twist of fate that befell in a Tirunelveli 25 years ago.

 November Story Download Trailer


                November tale unfolds in large part as a whodunit, and writer-director Indhra Subramanian manages to preserve us hooked with numerous probable suspects and red herrings to maintain us guessing approximately the real murderer and the reason behind the crime. it's also a safely shot display that maintains a steady tone both visually (Vidhu Ayyanna is the cinematographer) and narrative-sensible. 

                The manufacturing values are pretty exact, and not like many shows in the Tamil OTT space, we feel a clear aesthetic guiding the cinematography, production layout, tune, and sound design. the freedom that the OTT space offers additionally gives the director to play with some gore. for the reason that some key scenes are set inside the mortuary, there may be quite a chunk of blood (or even a naked frame or ), and one crucial scene involving a pregnant lady is not for the faint-hearted. fortunately, the gore does not sense overdone.


                Like in an amazing crime novel, Indhra Subramanian maintains feeding us nuggets of information in each episode that appear to be linked and receives us to work out the connections even whilst the narrative unfolds before our eyes. some of the surprises are easily guessable, like the probable assassin, and this is essential to casting. while we see a large-call actor in a positive function, we immediately suspect that they may play a larger part within the court cases and we're infrequently surprised when our bet comes true. however as with Sudalai, the director desires us to awareness greater of the purpose at the back of the homicide, and here, he manages to hold the mystery till he gives up. 

            How he ties the various narrative strands collectively is likewise believable and he succeeds in making us forget about the many coincidences, like how the hacker who has damaged the police's servers is likewise linked to the murderer Anu is after. it's far only the very last portions that experience needlessly stretched and we get cliches just like the significant character going all alone to recognize the assassin, despite the law enforcement officials being on her side. the other misstep is how Sudalai's investigation unfolds after a factor. as opposed to making him do the deduction, we get scenes that literally spell out the interlinking factors within the mystery.


                However, the strong performances assist the director to construct an otherwise convincing global. Tamannaah is impressively understated as a woman who is grappling with too many troubles at the same time, although the dubbed voice does sound abnormal, and in instances, takes us out of the narrative. GM Kumar because the aging crime author who is steadily losing his reminiscences is best and so is Aruldoss, whose cop individual honestly deserved a higher closure than what he receives right here. Then, there's Pasupathy, who makes the most of a layered person, and makes him a similarly empathetic and repulsive character.


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