Adele’s boyfriend Rich Paul mentions having “more kids”

The Game Agent. Dated Adele Since last summer, he has recently reflected on his role as a father to his three children and shared how he sees parenting in the future.

“As a young father, it was very difficult to grow a business,” he shared exclusively with E! On June 10, he announced his partnership with Old Spice’s School of Swagger, a 10-year commitment to helping raise high school graduation rates by 10%. “But now I see myself as an older dad. If I had more kids, I’m looking forward to being another dad.”

Rich praised his experience Being a young parent next time, he vowed to have a “more patient father.”

“Most of the time when you build a business, you’re on the go, you move, the kids grow fast in the blink of an eye,” he reflected. “The next thing, they’re walking, riding the bike, running, flipping, that’s the problem.”

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