Elizabeth becoming a star compares her Elizabeth I to others

Elizabeth becoming a star compares her Elizabeth I to others: Follows people like German-born actress Dame Judy Dench, Cate Blanchett, And Dame Helen Mirran By starring Queen Elizabeth I. Inside Of the Stars Is Elizabeth. However, do not expect Alicia’s performance to reflect the A-lists who have previously tackled that role.

In an exclusive interview with E! In the news, Alicia admits that taking on the Tudor Queen was “too scary”, but she was finally relieved when she realized. Is Elizabeth The iconic Royal tackles the early years.

As she said, “So that’s not so much a comparison.”

Alicia also had a spell from Helen, played by Queen Elizabeth I. And II- mind. “When she did the research,” Alicia d! The message was, “He found a painter who painted Elizabeth, and he said, ‘This is my queen’s version. I did not say she was.’ I think it helped me relax. This is our version. ”


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