Harmony’s Horizon Bridge Siphoned for $100M

Although crypto prices have recovered somewhat over the past few days, the Locked Total Value (TVL) across the entire decentralized finance (DEFI) ecosystem has improved. TVL has been up 7.19% on defi since June 20, and this weekend the defi protocol Makerdao’s TVL is up 10.37%.

Duffy upgrades TVL, cross-chain bridge TVL tickets, $ 100 million stolen from Harmony Horizon Bridge

Diversified funds have been hit by the latest cryptocurrency following the recent fall of the Federal Reserve Terra Blockchain. Rate increased alleged financial problems Celsius And Three Arrows Capital (3AC). On June 17, Bitcoin.com News Reported The bear market negatively affected Duffy and three days later TVL’s Diffy fell to a low of $ 71.98 billion.

Since then, an Increased of 7.19 percent TVL has risen from $ 71.98 billion to $ 77.16 billion today. The Makerdao protocol is the largest TVL of all defi programs and dominates 10.37% this weekend with an $ 8 billion TVL.

Harmony's Horizon Bridge Siphoned for $100M
Harmony’s Horizon Bridge Siphoned for $100M

McDermott’s TVL has increased by 6.89% in the last seven days. Aave is the second-largest defi protocol in terms of TVL size, at $ 6.59 billion, and Aave recorded a 27.13% increase during the week. As for blockchain TVL distribution, Ethereum commands 63.98% with $ 49 billion TVL.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is the second-largest chain in TVL with 7.85% or $ 6.01 billion locked up. After the market capitalization of the best smart contract tokens reached $ 245 billion last week, the market capitalization has increased by 1.4% in the last 24 hours to $ 280 billion.

Ethereum (ETH) rose 12.7% against the USD, and the BSC rose 10.5% last week. Solana (SOL) increased by 37.1%, avalanche (Avox) by 32.2%, and Polygon (Medic) by more than 50% in seven days.

The biggest gainers in the List of best smart contract tokens Last week were RON, ZIL, and MATIC respectively. Despite the smart contract tokens seeing some gains this week and the TVL defi upgrade, TVL has fallen 60.4% in the cross-chain bridge segment over the past 30 days.

At the time of writing, Cross-Chain Bridge TVL is valued at $ 11.77 billion in 16 different protocols. Polygonal commands Bridge TVL, the largest cross-chain to be locked up for $ 3.6 billion on June 25.

Meanwhile, the defi ecosystem has seen some hiccups over the past seven days due to convex finance. Asks users To review permissions when evaluating a “potential front-end problem”. In addition, the cross-chain bridge of Harmony Lost $ 100 Million In a robbery on June 23rd.

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