How Abbi Jacobson Got Rosie O’Donnell for A League of Their Own

Abby and Rosie started talking about the show when Abby started doing it in 2018.

“I told her I was really nervous about what I was doing,” Abby said. “She said, ‘Is this going to be like a freak version?,’ and I didn’t quite label it, but it was. She said, ‘Well, good luck with that!’

Whatever reluctance Rosie had at first was eventually washed away when Abby asked her to come on board.

“I reached out to her and she was ready to do it right away,” Abby revealed, “which was really exciting.”

Abby said she didn’t want to overload the series with appearances from the cast of the original movie. Geena Davis, Tom Hanks, Madonna And Lori PettyHe explained that Rosie’s inclusion meant something on a deeper level.

“Season one, we didn’t try to do so many cameos. We wanted to differentiate the show from the film,” A sprawling city said the co-creator. “But because we were telling so many fairy tales that weren’t told in the film, Rosie felt really special.”

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