Peter Lamborn Wilson, Advocate of ‘Poetic Terrorism,’ Dies at 76

Mr. Wilson’s background was, surprisingly, selective. He was a Classic Major at Columbia University, but he dropped out. He helped start a psychedelic church, and before hitting the path of hippie hashish, as many of his colleagues did, he briefly thought of himself as an anti-war activist (attempting to bomb the draft headquarters in red paint) as he traveled through the Middle Ages. East and South Asia.

Before going to Tehran to study Persian Sufism he went everywhere regularly and did regular adventures. After the Shah’s expulsion from Iran in 1979, he returned to the United States and settled in an apartment in the Lower East.

He expressed his frustration with the failed promise of the 1960s – in provocative writing in avant-garde magazines such as The Revolution That Never Comes. Semiotext (e)French intellectuals such as Michel Foucault mingled with American Beats and radical feminists such as Ginsberg and William Burroughs. Kate Millat And Kathy AkkarPostpunk novelist and performance artist.

By all accounts, Mr. Wilson is well versed in the Restoration and has authored about 60 books on topics such as this. Angels Pirate fanaticism and all kinds of treacherous religions. He was a member of the East Village for many years and its host “The Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade” A night-time show on WBAI, Manhattan Counter-Cultural Radio Station. In his show, he can express high mathematics, and select esoteric music such as Sufi hymns or Greek RempticaReview signs of DIY magazines that flourished in the 1980s and late 90s.

But he was controversial because his writing often contained erotic images of young teenage boys.

“I have always had a conflicting position on how to deal with the problem,” he said. Said Fleming. “Whether to underestimate it or try to protect it in some way. He identified himself as gay, but I had no idea he had a sex partner or real sex life. I call his sexual practices Whitmanesk, fantasy only.

Peter Lamborne Wilson was born on October 20, 1945, in Baltimore. The only child of Army officer and English professor Douglas Emory Wilson and high school teacher Laura (Backwood) Wilson, he grew up in New Brunswick NJ.

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