Protesters Gather Across the U.S. to Speak Out Against Gun Violence

WASHINGTON – Protesters are protesting against gun violence in Washington, DC, and across the country on Saturday after Wolfalde, after the buffalo, after hundreds of mass shootings in Parkland and Newtown and El Paso and over the past two decades.

Thousands of people were expected to come to the United States to condemn the drumming of major shootings and to renew the call for federal legislation restricting the use of military-style weapons…

The March for our lives A 19-year-old gunman shot dead 17 people and wounded 17 others at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Fark.

This time, the demonstration killed 19 schoolchildren and two teachers at Rob Elementary School in Wolde, Texas, following the massacre of 10 black people at a buffalo supermarket last month.

“Not anymore,” said David Hawk, co-founder of March for Ever Lives and a survivor of the Parkland shooting. Said on Twitter. “It’s time for Democrats, Republicans, non-gun owners, and non-gun owners to come together” and start focusing on what they can agree on.

Protests on Saturday are scheduled to take place in hundreds of cities across the country and in parts of Europe. At the main protest site, the Washington Monument in the nation’s capital will address a gathering of survivors of mass shootings, teachers’ representatives, civil rights lawyers, and elected officials.

Bilateral talks are underway in the Senate on legislation to prevent mass shootings, but Republicans who have blocked such laws for years continue to say that the killings are the result of other problems, such as mental illness or deficiencies in school security, not weapons. Themselves. Senate speeches are said to focus on those claims and the background tests for the purchase of weapons.

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