Sandra Oh Reveals She Got “Very Sick” Over Grey’s Anatomy Fame

Sandra Oh Reveals She Got “Very Sick” Over Grey’s Anatomy Fame: Sandra O. May have acted as a doctor Gray physique But off-screen, this work created some serious health issues for the actress.

When a recent Variety “Cast on Cast” dialogue presented by Apple TV +, O represents the body number that attracts attention amid successful ABC medical drama.

“Honestly, I’m sick,” she shared with Squid game Actress Jung Ho-yon. “I’m not feeling very well at all. Even if you continue to work, ‘Oh, I’m not getting any sleep. Alas, my back hurts, I do not know what to do with my skin.”

While not necessarily coping with social media pressures like today’s stars like Ho-Yeon, Sandra said her “life has changed a lot”. Gray physique Screened in 2005.

“Imagination is tricky because it is almost 20 years ago” She continued.” So the situation is very different, but the stress is the same, or the confusion is the same when people are in such wonderful, privileged, heavy responsibility positions like this – your health, I think, came first. “

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