Ted Lasso’s Nick Mohammed Knew About Nate’s Betrayal All Along

If you believe in one Dead LassoKnow that everything is done with intention.

Nick MohammedWho is playing? Former AFC Richmond assistant coachContestant Nathan Shelley shared the revelation while discussing his character’s villainous transformation in season two.

“I know,” he exclusively told E! News of Nate’s villainy over Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis), “since we were filming season one. Jason had very, very broad outlines for Nate in seasons one, two, and three. So I always know where it’s going.”

Also, he couldn’t have been more into Nate’s journey. “As an actor, you relish that opportunity to try something different,” he said.

But he was still nervous about the audience’s reaction to Nate’s betrayal of leaving AFC Richmond to join rivals West Ham United: “I expected it wouldn’t go down well with some fans of the show.”

However, the groundwork for him to become an antagonist was established in the early seasons.

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