Travel industry calls on White House to end Covid-19 testing requirement for overseas visitors

Travel industry calls on White House to end Covid-19 testing requirement for overseas visitors: Travel and Hospitality CEOs are pushing the Biden administration to repeal the requirement that anyone flying to the United States must provide a negative Covit-19 test before departure, as the rule encourages visitors and affects the country’s tourism industry.

The impetus comes after the United Kingdom, Italy, Greece and other countries eliminated similar requirements as epidemic controls around the world were eased.

In the United States, health officials must provide evidence of a negative Govt-19 test for travelers flying into the country, regardless of vaccination status or citizenship. People can also submit evidence of recovery from Govt disease. Other countries, including South Korea and Japan, must also provide passengers with a negative Govt test.

“The need to test before departure creates uncertainty for passengers and is an obstacle that can lead to choosing a destination with less friction,” Marriott CEO Tony Capuano told CNBC in a statement. “The United States will fail if we do not remove those unnecessary obstacles.”

Nearly 40 U.S. mayors, including in San Francisco and Miami, sent a letter this week to White House Govt-19 coordinator Dr. Ashish Zhao urging him to eliminate the need. The letter said U.S. cities are still struggling to regain international audience.

Travel executives also met with Java last week, but say no deadline has been set for when the demand will end.

“They could not be reached for comment.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment.

John Ports, CEO of the Pebblebrook Hotel Trust, which owns 54 hotels across the country, said:

Glenn Fogel, CEO of the world’s largest online travel operator, Booking Holdings, Said the need for testing pushes people to move to other countries. In other cases, he noted, people are finding ways to get around the need.

“We also see instances of people avoiding the barrier by flying to Canada or Mexico and driving across the border,” Focal said in a statement.

In a note to investors on Wednesday, Morgan Stanley analyst Jamie Rollo wrote that the need for testing was a positive test, especially for those who are worried about being stranded on the ship.

Keith Barr, CEO of the InterContinental Hotel Group, expressed frustration with the country’s need for testing on CNBC’s “Closing Bell” on Tuesday.

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