Azealia Banks’ Wynwood Pride Gig Was a Dry Ice Disaster

At the Winwood Pride Music Festival in Miami on Saturday morning, Azelia Banks cut short her devastating headline 

Dramatically angered participants before the mic-tossing came out.

The performance video shows banks repeatedly appearing on stage more than two hours after the scheduled time - repeatedly telling concertgoers

"I'm not happy to be here" and "I really don't want to be here". At the time, the banks were performing only a few songs.

Banks then threw away the mic and pointed the middle finger at the frustrated audience as they began to walk off the stage while the audience shouted.

A drink was thrown, security intervened and the concert was over, four songs after it started.

In a series of tweets after the dissolution, Banks explained the culprit behind his difficult night: dry snow. "Winewood Pride was so ghetto. I had to jump in.

Every tech rider in the live performance history of Azealia Banks says specifically - I'm very allergic to dry ice. Photos show massive clouds of dry snow,