What Odessa Young Hopes Staircase Viewers Take From the Show

It’s hard to accept John Bennett RamsayOf’s murder or identification of the zodiac killer, Kathleen Peterson’s death May be mysterious. Sure, people can speculate about what happened on the night of December 9, 2001, but no one will In fact Kathleen knows how she played Tony Colette Inside StaircaseDied that night.

When Kathleen is the only man to speculate about who her husband is Michael PetersonPlayed Colin Firth, Killed her (he entered into an Alfort petition in 2017 in which he maintained his innocence while at the same time admitting that there was sufficient evidence to murder him), and the outrage over this case also affects those associated with the victim. As Odessa Young (Player Martha Radcliffe, Kathleen’s foster aunt) that d! The message was, “Everyone loves the armor chair detective game, but we all forget how much grief distracts everything.”

It was this empathy that made Young’s portrayal of Martha one of the few characters who questioned Michael’s innocence.

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